Servlet First Program

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Servlet First Program

Servlet programming is very simple but you need some basic knowledge for example interface, abstract class, exception handling.

Steps to write servlet program

  • Define web directory structure
  • Define .jsp/.html pages
  • Define servlet program, compile into classes folder
  • Define web.xml, into WEB-INF folder
  • Deploy the webroot into web server deployment folder location.
  • Start the server
  • Open web browser and invoke servlet/.html/.jsp.

Write a web applicaton to send hello word as response to client using servlet.

import javax.servlet.*;
public class FirstServlet extends HttpServlet {  
  public void service(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)throws IOException, ServletException
   // get request parameter
   // business operation
   String resultvalue="<body bgcolor="cyan" text="red"> <h1> hello word</h1></body>";

   // prepare response
   printWriter out=resp.getWriter();

   // send response





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