dopost and doget

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Difference Between dopost and doget in Servlet

Http protocol mostly use either get or post methods to transfer the request. post method are generally used whenever you want to transfer secure data like password, bank account etc.

Get methodPost method
1Get Request sends the request parameter as query string appended at the end of the request.Post request send the request parameters as part of the http request body.
2Get method is visible to every one (It will be displayed in the address bar of browser ).Post method variables are not displayed in the URL.
3Restriction on form data, only ASCII characters allowed.No Restriction on form data, Binary data is also allowed.
4Get methods have maximum size is 2000 character.Post methods have maximum size is 8 mb.
5Restriction on form length, So URL length is restrictedNo restriction on form data.
6Remain in browser history.Never remain the browser history.

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