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Servlet Deployment Descriptor Files

It is an xml file which acts as a mediator between a web application developer and a web container. It is also called Deployment Descriptor Files.

web.xml file

Note: we can not change the directory or extension name of this web.xml because it is standard name to recognized by container at run-time.

In web.xml file, we configure the following

  • Servlet
  • JSP
  • Filter
  • Listeness
  • Welcome files
  • Security
  • etc....

To configure a servlet file we need the following two xml tag.

  • <Servlet>
  • <Serlet-mapping>

<servlet>: tag are used for configure the servlet, Within this tag we write Servlet name and class name.

<Serlet-mapping>: tag are used for map the servlet to a URL .

The structure of web.xml files is already defined by sun MicroSystem. So as a developer we should follows the structure to develop the configuration of web resources.

While configuring a servlet in web.xml, three names are added for it.

  • Alias name or register name
  • Fully qualified class name
  • url-pattern


<servlet-name>alias name</servlet-name>
<servlet-class>fully qualified class name</servlet-class>
<servlet-name>alias name</servlet-name>
<url-pattern>/url pattern</url-pattern>

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