Servlet Send Image as Response

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Send Image as Response in Servlet

To Send an image as response from servlet back to the browser the following changes are required.

  • Set MIME type or content type as image by using image/.gif.
  • To transfer image response, you need ServletOutputStream as an outputStream to write the response. In this case printWriter class is not suitable.
  • Use an image encoder class, to store that image file into the outputStream object.


import javax.servlet.*;  
import javax.servlet.http.*;  
import java.awt.image;
import javax.swing.imageIcon.*;  
import Acme.JpmEncoders.GifEncoder;  

public class MyServlet extends HttpServlet
  public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)
    ServletOutputStream out = response.outputStream();  
    // optain image icon
	ImageIcon imageicon=new ImageIcon("c:/cow.gif");

	// encoding the image and send to the outputStream

	GifEncoder g=new GifEncoder(image, out)


In the above servlet program you have need to use third party class called GifEncoder, so you need a jar file to set in the classpath called acme.jar

To compile the above servlet you need the flowing jar files.

  • servlet-api.jar
  • acme.jar

You need to copy acme.jar file into the lib folder to execute above servlet program





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