Servlet Directory Structure

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Directory Structure of Servlet Application

For creating web application we should follow standard directory structure provided by sun MicroSystem. Sun MicroSystem has given directory structure to make a web application server independent.

According to directory structure

  • An application contain root folder with any name.
  • Under root folder a sub folder is required with a name WEB-INF.
  • Under WEB-INF two sub folder are required classes and lib.
  • directory structure
  • All jar files placed inside lib folder.
  • directory structure
  • Under root folder src folder are place for .java files
  • servlet directory structure
  • Under root folder or under WEB-INF any other folders can exits.
  • All image, html, .js, jsp, etc files are placed inside root folder
  • All .class files placed inside classes folder.
  • servlet directory structure

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