Email Marketing Interview Questions


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Email Marketing Interview Questions for Freshers

Email Marketing Interview Questions

What is Email Marketing ?

Email marketing is directly marketing by using electronic mail as the communication medium for commercial marketing or advertising to a group of people at a time.

What are the advantages of internet marketing ?

Advantage of doing internet marking or email marketing are;

  • Large audience
  • Inexpensive
  • Easily contact to people without wasting of time
  • You can Pay per play, Pay per click, Pay per action.
  • Internet users check emails on regular basis.
  • Easily target customer according to your product.
  • Email is the most basic and popular service of internet and thus most people are familiar with it.
  • Trends of e marketing and their results can be studied easily.

What are Disadvantages of email marketing are ?

Disadvantages of email marketing are;

  • Filtering causes large number of emails to be rendered undelivered.
  • Spamming in emails may lead to legal action against internet marketers.
  • Needs to be planned very carefully as very minute factors may lead to an email being rendered undelivered or filtered out.

What is CRM ?

CRM stands for Customer relationship management. It is a process which companies use for client interaction. It involves business processes like sales, customer support and marketing. The main objective of CRM is not only to retain old clients but also to search and attract newer ones.

How to prevent email getting into SPAM ?

You can do following steps to prevent mail from ending in SPAM;

  • Never use lots of colored fonts.
  • Only use one exclamation point at a time!
  • Generally avoid using the phrases to unsubscribe and to be removed in your message body.
  • Check if your domain name has been blacklisted.
  • Spam filters look to see how many messages you are sending at a time
  • If you want ot deliver important message to multiple group better to use BCC function
  • Keep the length of your subject under 45 characters.
  • Avoid using spam filtering words, punctuation or capital letters message in your content/subject.

What are checklists before sending email ?

Before send any mail these questions aks if you get all your answer then send mail.

  • What is purpose of your email?
  • What action needs to result from your email ?
  • What supporting documentation needs to be attached to your communication?
  • Have you successfully summarized your email message in the subject line?
  • Check SPAM score(Mailcheck) and modify your content as per score you received
  • Press send

Which tools are used by you for Extract mail ?

Use Online Email Extractor or some software.

How to Find email address of uk ?

Use formula info business@*

How to Find Company HR email ?

Use formula hr@*

How to find all contact emails ?

Use formula contact@*

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