Area Aptitude Problems


Height and Distance Aptitude Tutorial

Area Aptitude Tips and Tricks

In this tutorial we discuss about triangle, circle, square and other formula.

area aptitude

Rectangle/Square Formula

  • Area of a rectangle = Length x Breadth
  • Length of a rectangle = Area / Breadth
  • Breadth of a rectangle = Area / Length
  • Perimeter of a rectangle = 2(Length + Breadth)
  • Area of 4 walls = 2(length+ Breadth) x height
  • Area of a Square = (side)2 = 1/2(diagonal)2

Triangle Formula

  • Area of a triangle= (1/2 x Base x Height)
  • △ =√{S(S-A) (S-B)(S-C)}, where S=1/2(a+b+c)
  • Area of equilateral triangle = √3/4 x a2
  • Radius of a in circle of an equilateral triangle of side a = a/2√3
  • Radius of a circumcircle of an equilateral triangle of side a =a/√3
  • Radius of in circle of a triangle= △/S, Where s=1/2(a+b+c)

Circle Formula

  • Area of a circle= ΠR2
  • Circumference = 2ΠR
  • Arc length= 2ΠRΘ/360, where Θ is a central angle.
  • Area of Sector=1/2(arc length x R) = ΠR2Θ/360
  • Area of Semicircle= 1/2ΠR2

Other shapes Formula

  • Area of a parallelogram = (base x height)
  • Area of a rhombus= 1/2(product of diagonals)
  • Area of a trapezium= 1/2 (sum of parallel sides) x (distance between them)

Height and Distance Aptitude Tutorial


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