OS Virtualization in Cloud Computing


Hardware Virtualization in Cloud Computing Uses of Cloud Computing

Operating System Virtualization in Cloud Computing

It is also called OS-level virtualization is a type of virtualization technology which work on OS layer. Operating system virtualization refers to the use of software to allow system hardware to run multiple instances of different operating systems concurrently, allowing you to run different applications requiring different operating systems on one computer system. The operating systems do not interfere with each other or the various applications. Not to be confused with operating system-level virtualization, which is a type of server virtualization.

Types of Operating System Virtualization

  • Linux OS Virtualization
  • Window OS Virtualization

Linux Operating System virtualization

VMware Workstation software is used to virtualize Linux systems. In addition, to install any software by the means of virtualization the user will need VMware software to install first.

Windows Operating System virtualization

This type of virtualization is also similar to the above to install any software there is a need to install VMware software firstly.

Uses of OS Virtualization

  • Used for virtual hosting environment
  • To improvised security by separating several applications to several containers.
  • These forms of virtualization don't require hardware to work efficiently.
  • Used for securely allocation of finite hardware resources among a large number of distrusting users.
  • System administrator uses it to integrate server hardware by moving services on separate hosts

Advantage of OS Virtualization

  • OS virtualization usually imposes little or no overhead.
  • OS Virtualization is capable of live migration
  • It can also use dynamic load balancing of containers between nodes and a cluster
  • The file level copy-on-write (CoW) mechanism is possible on OS virtualization which makes easier to back up files, more space-efficient and simpler to cache than the block-level copy-on-write schemes.

Hardware Virtualization in Cloud Computing Uses of Cloud Computing


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