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Public Cloud Computing Hybrid Cloud Computing

What is Privale Cloud Computing

In Private cloud can be managed by the organization or a third party.

private cloud computing

Private Cloud Here infrastructure or services can be located on-premise or off-premise and is operational solely for the use of a single organization which would be the owner of the cloud. All cloud configurations are directly influenced by the owner. It can be managed by the organization itself or can also be outsourced to any third party.

Advantage of Private Cloud Computing

  • Infrastructure: Single-Tenant: Dedicated hardware and network for your business managed by an in-house technical team.
  • Business Requirement: High performance, security, and customization and control options.
  • Best Use: Protect your most sensitive data and applications
  • Scalability: Can be managed in house. Extreme performance - fine-grained control for both storage and compute.
  • Support and maintenance: Your technical administrators.
  • Cost: Large upfront cost to implement the hardware, software and staff resources. Maintenance and growth must also be built into ongoing costs. CapEx.
  • Security: Isolated network environment. Enhanced security to meet data protection legislation.
  • Performance: High performance from dedicated server.

Public Cloud Computing Hybrid Cloud Computing

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Path variable is set for providing path for all Java tools like java, javac, javap, javah, jar, appletviewer which are used in java programming. All these tools are available in bin folders so we set path upto bin folders.

Classpath variable is set for providing a path for predefined Java classes which is used in our application. All classes are available in lib/rt.jar so we set classpath upto lib/rt.jar.

Cloud computing is the on demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user.

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