How to Change Text Alignment in MS Word

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How to Change Text Alignment in MS Word

MS Word allow you to change text alignment according to your requirement. You can change the text alignment in your document to make it more attractive and readable. The basic steps to change the text alignment are given below;

Steps to Change Text Alignment in MS Word

  • Select Your text.
  • Click on Home Tab
  • Here you can get Paragraph Group
  • Click on Aligment Command
  • Select desired option according to your requirement
change text alignment in word

Shortcut Key to Manage Text Alignment

  • Ctrl+L: Align Your Text with Left Margin
  • Ctrl+E: Center Your Content on page
  • Ctrl+R: Align Your Text with Right Margin
  • Ctrl+J: Distribut your text with evently between the margins

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