Insert WordArt in MS-Word

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How to Insert WordArt in MS-Word

WordArt is used for design your text more attractive and it make text like picture. Simple and easy way to insert wordArt is given below;

  • Place the cursor where you want to insert WordArt
  • Select the Insert tab
  • In Text group click the 'WordArt' button
  • Now wordArt menu appears
  • Select the desired WordArt style
  • 'Edit WordArt Text' dialog box appears
  • Type the text in text area and click OK

How to Format WordArt

You can also customize wordArt shape, size, color according to your need. Here i will give you simple way to customize wordArt.

  • Select the wordart in the document
  • Format tab appears in the Ribbon
  • It offers five groups of related commands
  • Click the suitable command to make desired changes in wordart

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