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Microsoft Office Button in MS-Word

Microsoft Office Button located on top of the left corner of the window. It is new feature in ms-word and it replace the traditional File Menu.

When you click on this button it offer list of commands like below images;

  • New This command enable you to open new work sheet.
  • Open This command enable you to open existing document which is saved on computer
  • Save This command is used for save file after completion of work
  • Save as Using this command you can save current open file with different name and at different place.
  • Print This command allow you to print current open document.
  • Prepare This command enable you to prepare the document for distribution, it means you can view and edit the document properties and inspect the hidden metadata.
  • Send Using this command you can send document to other people using E-mail ID.
  • Publish Using this command you can create a blog with the content of the document.
  • Exit This command is used to close the currently open file.

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