MS-Word Create Bulleted and Numbered Lists

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Create Bulleted and Numbered Lists in MS-Word

Word offer number of bullet and number list for design you document. It is useful to make you document more attractive and readable.

Steps to Use Bullete and Number List

  • Select the text where you want bulleted list
  • Visit on Home tab
  • In Paragraph group click the Bullets or Numbering command
  • Now it displays Bullets or Numbering menu
  • Click on designed Bullet or Numbering style

Note: To increase number of list place cursor at end of list and press enter key.

How to Use Symbols as Bullets

Word provide you to replace bullet with symbols to make your list more attractive, steps to use symble in place of bullete are given below;

  • Select the text that you want convert to bulleted list
  • Select the Home tab
  • In Paragraph group click the Bullets command
  • Now click Define New Bullet option
  • Define New Bullet dialog box appears, click on symbol comman.
  • Here Dipplay symbol dialog box, select desigred symbol.

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