What is Software


Output Device in Computer What is Hardware Tutorial

What is Computer Software

Software, in its most general sense, is a set of instructions or programs instructing a computer to do specific tasks. The software is a program. When we use the computer, we use various hardware devices. Eg Keyboards, mouse, monitor, printer etc. Specific instructions (programs) are used to use all these devices. That instruction is called the software.
This means that software is a program which designed to make use of various devices on the computer.

Computer Software it is Define as Computer Programming which is include logicals instruction which is used for performing a particular task using Hardware Component of Computer.

Classification of Computer Software

  • System Software
  • Application Software
  • Utility Software

System Software

The system Software is the sotware that oprate the computer therfore the computer Can't Function without the system Software. A computer must have a operating System (OS) , which define some of the basics about how your computer should act. Example of most common operating system are Android, Mac OS, Assembler, Compiler, Interpreter, Device drivers, Windows etc.

Application Software

Application Software is a Program or group of program designed for end users. Application Sotware may be bundled with system software or Pubilshed alone. Example of Application Softwares are VLC media player, Games etc.

Utility Software

A utility Software is Computer System Software intended to analyze Configure, monitor. Help to maintain the Computer. Typically a utility is Smaller than standard program in size and may be included with an operating System or installed separately. Example of Application Softwares are Disc Defragmentors etc.

Output Device in Computer What is Hardware Tutorial


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