Excel If Function

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If Function in Excel

The IF function or IF statement in Excel is composed of three parts separated by commas.

  • Condition
  • What to display if the condition is true
  • What to display if the condition is false

See in below image how to display pass and fail student if marks is greater than 400 it display pass otherwise fail.

if function in excel

How to Create If Function in Excel

To create If function in excel follow below steps;

  • Type the code in the cell: =if(
  • Type the condition with comma: C7>70,
  • Type what you want to show if condition is true. Here we display Pass if condition is true
  • Type a comma: ,
  • Type what you want to show if condition is false. Here we display Fail if condition is false
  • Then close the bracket and press the Enter key.
  • Final function look like this =IF(C7>400,"Pass","Fail")

If Condition Apply on Cell

Some time we need to print specific cell value based on condition,use below syntax.



Using above syntax we print value of cell A1 if condition is true otherwise print cell A1+10

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