Computer Network Models


Computer Networking Computer Networking

Computer Network Models

A computer network consists software and hardware that is used to send and receive data from one device to another. The role of hardware is to prove the physical equipment that are required in order to send and receive data while software defines the set of instructions that uses the hardware equipments for data transmission. A simple transmission of data consists several steps at various layers of computer network.

Layers of a computer network models

The main purpose of having several layers in a computer network model is to divide a process of sending and receiving data into small small tasks.

These layers are connected with each other, each layer provide certain data to its immediate higher and immediate lower layer and receives certain data from the same.

Dividing a model is layers makes the structure quite simple that makes it easy to identify the issue if it occurs. There are three main components of a computer network model. Sender, receiver and carrier.

At sender Side

Higher layer: Higher layer serves the middle layer, directs the message (or data) to middle layer

Middle layer: Middle layer picks up the data from higher layer and transfer it to the lower layer

lower layer: The data is transmitted to the lower layer of the receiver side.

At receiver Side

Lower layer: Receives the data from the lower layer of sender side and transfer it to middle layer.

Middle layer: Middle layer picks up the data from lower layer and transfer to higher layer.

Higher layer: Higher layer transfers the data to the receiver.

computer network models

  • OSI Model
  • TCP/IP Model

Computer Networking Computer Networking


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