Features of Computer Network


What is Computer Networking Computer Networking Architecture

Features of Computer Network

Computer networking is a set computing devices (or Computers) connected together for the purpose of sharing information between two or more computing devices. Computers (or Computing devices) on the network are called nodes, the connection between two or more computers can be done vai cabling or vai wirelessly.

Connected computers can share the resources like access to the internet, printers, file servers and others. Some important features of Computer Networks are given below;

  • Communication speed
  • Data sharing
  • Back up and Roll back is easy
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Software and Hardware Sharing
  • Software and Hardware Compatibility

Communication Speed

Network provide you a fast and easy way to communicate efficiently using a network with a group of people. You can enjoy the advantages of emails messaging, IP telephony , video conferencing etc. Networking is great for sharing ideas and knowledge.

Data Sharing

This is one of the major advantages of computers networking that People share files with each other. Files can be stored on a central file server which allowing data to be shared and accessible to all organization.

Back up and Roll Back is Easy

Since files and software are on central location therefore it is easy to take backup from main server instead of taking backup from individual systems.


You can manage security and access rights with networking. Networks also allow security to be established, ensuring that the network users may only have access to certain files and applications.


Performance of a computer network is measured in terms of response time. The response time of sending and receiving data from one node (computer in a computer network are often referred as node) to another should be minimal.


Scalability means that we can add the new components on the network. Network must be scalable so that we can extend the network by adding new devices. But, it decreases the speed of the connection and data of the transmission speed also decreases, this increases the chances of error occurring. This problem can be overcome by using the routing or switching devices.


Computer network can use the alternative source for the data communication in case of any hardware failure.

Software and Hardware Sharing

You can install applications on main server, from where user can access that application centrally. It is also beneficial in a sense that you don’t need to install software on every single machine. Similarly you can share hardware as well. Expensive devices such as laser printers or scanners can be shared.

Software and Hardware Compatibility

A computer network must not limit all the computers in a computer network to use same software and hardware, instead it should allow the better compatibility between the different software and hardware configuration.

What is Computer Networking Computer Networking Architecture


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