What is Computer Network


Computer Networking Computer Networking

What is Computer Network

Computer Networking is a set computing devices (or Computers) connected together for the purpose of sharing information between two or more computing devices. Computers (or Computing devices) on the network are called nodes, the connection between two or more computers can be done vai cabling or vai wirelessly.

Connected computers can share the resources like access to the internet, printers, file servers and others.

There are some techniques of connecting computers called topologies.

Star Topology: Star topology is a technique to design a network where central node extends the cable to each node (or Computer) on the network. In this technique computers are connected independently to the center of the network.

Bus Topology: Bus topology is another type of design where a single cable connects all computers and the information intended for the last node on the network must run through each connected computer. If a cable is broken, all computers connected down the line cannot reach the network.

Ring Topology: In this design, computers are connected via a single cable, but the end nodes also are connected to each other. In this design, the signal circulates through the network until it finds the intended recipient.

Collapsed Ring: A collapsed ring is a topology where the central node is a network device called a hub, a router, or a switch. This device runs a ring topology internally and features plugins for cables. Next, each computer has an independent cable, which plugs into the device.

When we connect multiple device through a cable it’s called a Network. There are three types of Network

  • LAN
  • MAN
  • WAN

LAN (Local area network) : A collection of computers typically in a limited vicinity like in a campus etc.

MAN (Metropolitan area network) : Networked devices are connected usually with in city or from city to city created MAN.

WAN (Wide area network): Where countries connected to each other e.g from border to border communication. Networked devices connected across globe makes a wan.

Advantages of Computer Networking

Network allow efficient management of resources for example;

  • Multiple user can share a single HQ printer, rather then having multiple possibility lower quality printer on individual printer.
  • Network helps keep information reliable and up-to-date and manage. Centralised data storage system allows multiple users to access data from difference location.
  • Network helps speed up data sharing file, transferring file across a network is allows faster than other. Non-network means of sharing files.
  • Services like E-Mail (Electronic-Mail) being offered by computer network, allow much more efficient for communication .

Components of a Computer Network

Server: server is a computer that provides share resources to network user.

Clients: Clients is a computer that access shared network resources provide by a server.

Media: the way in which computers are connected.

Resources: Files, printers , or others item to be used by network users.

Computer Networking Computer Networking


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