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SEO for Anchor Text

Anchor Text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink that is displayed on a webpage. In modern browsers, it is often blue and underlined, such as. SEO Tutorial

Using Anchor Text in SEO

It is most important for SEO; suppose your keyword is Best SEO Tutotial and you want to put this keyword on other website, in that case you need to use this keyword with ancher tag like below.

Ancher tag with keyword

<p>Sitesbay provide <a href="http://www.sitesbay.com/seo/index">
Best SEO Tutorial</a> for all students.</p>

Show on webpage

Sitesbay provide Best SEO Tutorial for all students.

Html Syntax for anchor text

<a href="http://www.sitesbay.com">Example of Anchor Text</a>

SEO related guidline for ancher tag

  • Whenever you put your keyword on other website and don't want to follow your link by search engine; use rel="nofollow"
  • Whenever you put your keyword on other website and want to follow your link by search engine; use rel="follow"
  • When use some other website links on your website always use rel="nofollow" otherwise search engine follow that link and move on that particular website.

Ancher tag with rel="follow"

<a href="/java/index" rel="follow">Best Java Tutorial</a>

In above condition we only provides internal links so rel="follow" is better.

Ancher tag with rel="nofollow"

<a href="/money/index" rel="nofollow">Online Earning</a>

In above condition we provides external links so rel="nofollow" is better. Here search engine don't move on sites18 website.

Note: If incoming links are from high page rank website, that is good for your website (in this case use rel="nofollow"). If incoming link is from low page rank website or bad website it is harmful for you website ( in this case use rel="nofollow").

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