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SEO for image on website

Why we are optimize images ? Image optimization is a good way for increase your sites or blog SEO, We optimize images in different way first is to reduce size of images, because if we are use a large size of images then our page loading time is increased, second is use title and alt tag for image.

image optimization

For using image on blog or webpages we need a <img> tag for add or display image on webpage.Image tag have three attributes and they are src (image source), title (image title) and Alt (alternative text for image). whenever we are use image on web page then we use simply <img src="image link"/> but we forget to add title and alt tag for image these two attribute is most important for image optimization, alt tag use for description of image and title tag use for title of image, whenever we move the mouse cursor on image then show image title. Here i will show you how to optimize image for webpage.

Why need to optimize image

Simply adding this <img src="image link"/> image tag in your website webpage will display an image, but search engine robots don't understand what the image is about. That's why you have to add alternative text for your webpage images. In order to categorize and describe images to both your visitors and search engine bots you need to add title and alt attribute. Title attribute we describe image to visitor and using alt attribute describe image to search engine bots.

Good Way for image optimization

Not so good

<img src="nobita.png" alt="" title=""/> 


<img src="nobita.png" alt="nobita" title="nobita"/>


<img src="nobita.png" alt="nobita likes sujuka and they are best friends" title="nobita like sujuka">

To be avoided


<img src="nobita.png" alt="nobita and dorimon is best friends and nobita like sujuka, nobita is a good boy but he never do their homework and he also get zero marks in test "/>

Always avoid long writing description in alt attribute.

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