When Google Panda Penalize


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When Google Panda Penalize

Google Panda is a Google search results ranking algorithm. It is first released in February 2011. It's main aim to give a low rank for low-quality sites or thin sites and return higher-quality sites near the top of search result. That means Google panda gives higher rank for good or high quality sites and it gives low rank for low-quality sites. It check quality of sites according to sites designing, Contents on sites, page Loading speed. To introduced Google panda is stop websites with poor or low content from working their way into Google's top search results. Google panda is update time to time but not this is fix period. It hits 23% websites in its first update, before 2011 Google did not have such an algorithm to stop low-quality websites, but after 2011 Google panda stop low-qualities websites in search engine.

google panda

Whenever your sites traffics is decrease That means you are kick out by Google panda update, there is no software or plugin to check panda update. Here you can see which sites panda likes to penalized also know about reason.

Which websites is penalize by Google panda

Low or Poor quality websites

Google panda will penalize those websites which have low quality contents, These types of websites writes contents only for getting more visitors, Advertisement and earn money but not for provides good contents for readers. If you are new blogger or in panda plenty then always write good for reader not for search engine and for earning money.

Slow Loading Websites

If your sites take 5 to 6 minute to open then then why any people will visits on your websites. So if you want to secure from Google Panda updates then improve your websites Loading time. Other wise panda penalized your websites, It means panda gives low page rank.

Copied pasted Websites

Avoid to copy and paste from other websites, It may affected your whole websites, copying contents is illegal and crime in blogging. If you copy and paste contents form other websites then you can't get more traffics on your blogs or websites. Panda also penalize for this.

Number of Advertisement

Avoid to display a number of Advertisement on a single page, Google Adsense also hate this, Adsense also provides only 3 ads and 4 banners on a single page. So if you are using more ads on a page panda penalize your websites.

Black-Hat SEO Technique

Black-Hat SEO mean using wrong means to get high rank in search engine, generally black-hats SEO techniques mean breaks search engine rules and regulations, Black-Hat SEO comprise keyword stuffing, unseen text (make text color and background color same ) and doorway pages. This technique is wrong and illegal.


All these are main reasons of Panda Plenty, if you avoid these silly mistakes you can become king in search engine, if you are in Panda plenty here i am going to give you some panda recovery tips.

How to Recover From Google panda update

  • Remove duplicated and low-quality content from your site
  • Write only Unique and valuable Content
  • Break broken links
  • Leave greed in the box while placing ads
  • Remove any Grammatically error and Spelling mistake
  • Learn keyword Optimization not Keyword Stuffing
  • Reduce your Site Bounce rate
  • Do not make your website as a Hub of Advertisements, use less ads on your websites.

I hope these all ideas are useful for you, and you can make secure your websites or blog from Google panda penalize.

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